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Drink to Your Stealth with Yeti’s Over-engineered Flask

Yeti’s new 7-ounce portable flask is designed for adventures in the great outdoors, featuring a pocket-sized, curved design for easy carrying and storage. Constructed from durable stainless steel, it is resistant to rust and punctures, making it perfect for camping trips and beyond. The flask includes a funnel for streamlined pours and a secure twist cap to prevent leaks.

The flask is designed only for cold drinks. Storing hot, carbonated, or perishable beverages is not recommended to avoid damaging the product. The flask is dishwasher-friendly, ensuring easy cleaning. For best results, place the flask in the top rack and the funnel in the utensil basket.

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XTRATUF® Guy Harvey Signature 6" Ankle Deck Boots

XTRATUF® Deck Boots are designed specifically for sport and recreational anglers who require top-notch footwear to perform at their best. These boots feature lightweight designs with XTRATUF®'s reliable non-marking, slip-resistant Chevron outsole. The Guy Harvey collection offers the same benefits, plus signature blue pull tabs and Guy Harvey's distinctive artwork.

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AFTCO Ocean Bound Performance Shirts

AFTCO's utilization of REPREVE® Our Ocean™ recycled polyester removes plastic bottles that were bound for the ocean, recycling them into spun polyester fabric that will keep you protected and comfortable for long days on the water. AFTCO's Ocean Bound Fishing Shirts are exceptionally soft to the touch and deliver UPF 40 sun protection, thumb loops for additional hand coverage, and quick-dry, moisture-wicking properties to keep you cool, dry, and ready for the next cast

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Diamond Fishing Products’ Fish Saver Descending Device

Diamond Fishing Products’ Fish Saver Descending Device is one of the most effective and simplest fish descending devices on the market. With a dramatically improved survival rate, it causes far less damage to fish compared to hypo-puncture venting devices used in the past. The Fish Saver employs a weight to quickly lower the fish and a retrieval line to bring it back to the surface. Its design is simple, with no moving parts or triggers, and can handle multiple fish at once.

Diamond’s Fish Saver features an elongated barbless upside-down hook attached to a weight, which swiftly returns the fish to the bottom. This process naturally re-compresses the trapped air, alleviating barotrauma, oxygenates the fish on the way down, and releases it unharmed.

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Discover the Future of Marine Care with Star brite’s New Ceramic Line!

Star brite introduces unparalleled protection for every marine surface with its advanced SiO2 Ceramic line. Ceramic Wash & Wax combines deep-cleaning surfactants with SiO2 technology to remove salt, dirt, and grime while adding a long-lasting polymer coating that guards against future staining. The collection also includes Ceramic Wax & Seal, Ceramic Speed Detailer, Ceramic Vinyl Protect, and Ceramic Metal Protect, offering unbeatable stain and UV protection, exceptional water beading, and a stunning luster. Transform your boat care routine with the power of ceramics.

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Fishbites Catfish Baits that Won’t Leave a Lingering Odor on Your Hands

Exciting news from Fishbites® Manufacturing: Fishbites® Catfish Baits offer all the advantages of natural bait, with additional benefits. Likely the only stink-free catfish baits on the market, they attract big catfish without leaving a lingering odor on your hands. The scent melts in the water, not on your hands®, ensuring a more pleasant fishing experience.

Fishbites® utilizes a concentrated formula that mimics the natural chemicals fish use to detect and track their prey. As the baits gradually dissolve in water, they release a trail of potent feeding stimulants. Fish tend to hold on longer because the flavor and texture closely resemble their natural prey, giving anglers more opportunities to set the hook.

These baits require no refrigeration and retain their scent and durability for at least a year when properly stored. Available in a variety of colors and scents, including shrimp, crawfish, shad, and liver, Fishbites® Catfish Baits come in resealable 6-ounce bags.

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