Newly Appointed IGFA Representatives

Since the appointment of Clive Firth as the first IGFA Representative in 1939, the IGFA’s Representatives have been among the most dedicated supporters of the organization and their leadership has proven essential to shaping the IGFA's reputation as the world’s most prestigious international angling and conservation organization. IGFA Representatives act as ambassadors of IGFA and liaisons between the angling interests in their areas around the world and IGFA Headquarters in the United States.

We are proud to introduce these newly appointed members of the IGFA Representatives Program:



Raymond Bean - Sandys, Bermuda

Raymond Bean, commonly known as Ray, was born on the Island of Bermuda in November 1964 and has been a lifelong resident. Growing up in Sandys' western parish, Dockyard, he immersed himself in fishing from a young age. Joining the Blue Waters Anglers Club (BWAC) later in life, Ray organizes local tournaments, including ones for juniors, and competes against fellow members. As the club's President, he leads BWAC in competitions against other local angling clubs and island-wide tournaments. In 2021, Ray placed 3rd, and in 2022, he secured 2nd in the BWAC High Point Series.



Andrea Beuter - Azores, Portugal

Andrea, originally from southern Germany, embarked on her fishing journey early, exploring local rivers and lakes for trout and perch. A dedicated saltwater enthusiast, she's cast her line in various destinations, honing her skills in light tackle angling and targeting game fish in Florida, Canada, and Panama. Guided by prominent fishing organizations and local experts, Andrea has mastered diverse fishing methods and fish handling techniques. Since 2018, she's focused on the abundant fishing grounds of the Azores, excelling in catching and releasing bottom fish, reef fish, tuna, and blue marlin on light and heavy tackle. Andrea shares her fishing knowledge with others and advocates for ocean conservation, finding fulfillment in both her adventures and her mission.



Myles Blatt - Marina Del Rey, CA

Myles Blatt, an avid angler since age two, has reeled in over 400 fish species worldwide. With 25 years of experience spanning Canada to Southeast Asia, he's a seasoned pro. Blatt fishes up to 200 days annually, alternating between Florida and Southern California. As President of Marina Del Rey Anglers, he champions conservation and supports CCA California's White Seabass program. As an IGFA Representative his goal is to assist others in developing their passion for angling, promoting ethics and conservation, being an advocate for rules and records, all while creating incredible moments and developing lifelong memories.



Marcus Damsell, Spain

Born in London, Marcus developed his angling skills fishing for pike, carp, and brown trout in England's lakes and rivers. In 1992, he ventured to the Canary Islands, where he immersed himself in water sports. With extensive experience in the East Atlantic, he now focuses on catch-and-release fishing for billfish and tuna aboard his vessel, the Big Blue. Advocating for sustainable practices, Marcus utilizes circle hooks and promotes modern angling techniques as an IGFA Representative. He actively participates in satellite tagging of bluefin tuna with the Tag A Giant Foundation and is dedicated to involving younger generations in big game fishing opportunities.



Kesley Gallagher - Westlake Village, CA

Kesley Gallagher, an avid angler since childhood and a fly fishing enthusiast since age ten, has explored fishing grounds across the US, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, and the North Pacific. With 24 IGFA World Records on fly, she's a seasoned competitor, exemplified through her winning the Ladies Tarpon Fly Tournament in 2018 in Islamorada, FL. Kesley shares her expertise through presentations and webinars, focusing on flats fishing and angling techniques. She's actively involved in teaching women fly fishing with the Southern Sierra Fly Fishers and serves on the Board of Directors for California Trout ( By day, Kesley is the Global Operations Director at Amgen in Thousand Oaks, CA.



Nick Haddad - Tarpon Springs, FL

Nick, originally from Pennsylvania, nurtured a love for fishing and the outdoors from an early age. His journey led him to marine fisheries, focusing on recreational fishing. While studying marine biology at the University of Tampa, he immersed himself in saltwater fishing, particularly redfish, speckled trout, tarpon, and snook. Later, in Louisiana for graduate school, he honed his skills in inshore fishing. Joining the IGFA team as Angler Recognition Coordinator showcased his passion for sportfishing and conservation. Currently, as Sustainable Fisheries Communications Manager at Florida Sea Grant, Nick spearheads "Return ‘Em Right," teaching catch and release techniques. With 25 years of angling experience, fishing remains central to his life.



Heather Harkavy - Coral Springs, FL

Executive Director of Fish for Change and Manager at Abaco Lodge in The Bahamas, Heather Harkavy developed her passion for fishing in South Florida, chasing IGFA World Records with her family and experiencing some of the best fishing to be had. As an adult, she now prioritizes youth education and community engagement in the sport. Through the non-profit she founded, Fish for Change, she designs international experiential education programs for teenagers, emphasizing conservation stewardship and cultural exchange through fly fishing.



Keishmer Hermoso - Panama City, Panama

In his childhood, Keishmer Hermoso's love for fishing was ignited by his father's passion for trout fishing mountain streams. Together, they explored rivers and lagoons, catching brown and rainbow trout. As time passed, their adventures expanded to fishing for peacock bass in dams and venturing into the open sea. Keishmer's fervor extends to targeting black marlin, cubera snapper, roosterfish, and bass. He frequents Panama's waters for peacock bass, owning his own bass boat. Since 2019, he's served on the board of directors of the Pan American Sport Fishing Federation, organizing tournaments across the Americas. Named ambassador for the Guy Harvey organization in 2020, Keishmer advocates for sport fishing laws and conservation efforts in Panama, earning recognition as an eight-time medalist at the Pan American Games of Sport Fishing.



Brian Light - Beaverton, Oregon

Brian Light is a dedicated full-time fly fishing guide and instructor, passionate about introducing newcomers to the sport and guiding seasoned anglers to new experiences. With expertise spanning from Christmas Island to Northern British Columbia, The Bahamas, Belize, and Guatemala, he's versed in fishing for various species. Notably, Brian's achievements include winning the Pirates Cove Billfish Tournament and releasing the most tarpon in the Key West Fishing Tournament. Actively involved in conservation, he's a past president of the Fly Fisher’s Club of Oregon,  a member of Trout Unlimited and the Ocean City Light Tackle Club. When not guiding or teaching, Brian enjoys fishing on local rivers for leisure.



Anthony Mendillo - Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Captain Anthony Mendillo Jr., a distinguished captain and maritime entrepreneur for over two decades, founded Keen M International in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, in 1996. Renowned for revolutionizing sailfish charters, he expanded his fleet to four boats and pioneered underwater filming techniques, earning acclaim from BBC and National Geographic. Mendillo's contributions extend to tagging research programs for bluefin tuna, deploying over 300 pop-up satellite tags and 150 "archival" tags. With numerous tournament victories, including international angling competitions, and a commitment to marine conservation through filmmaking collaborations, Mendillo remains a prominent advocate for sustainable angling practices, ensuring the ocean's vitality for future generations.



Mohannad Mokadem, Saudi Arabia

Mohannad, born and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has devoted his life to fishing and the water. From his early days, he immersed himself in the trade, honing his skills on the water. Pursuing a career in the maritime industry, Mohannad earned a degree in Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport, eventually rising to become a captain on an offshore vessel for one of the largest oil companies in the Kingdom. His passion for fishing extends beyond a hobby; Mohannad explores new spots and techniques with his Boston Whaler Conquest 305, participating in national and international competitions. He founded "Behind The Reef," a fishing community in Saudi Arabia, advocating for sustainable practices and preserving marine ecosystems for future generations.



Pauline Threadingham, Australia

Pauline Threadingham's angling journey began on the expansive pier of Hervey Bay, Australia, and evolved through experiences on runabouts and game fishing cruisers in New Zealand and Fiji Islands. She boasts a diverse catch record, ranging from snappers to mackerels, culminating in a remarkable feat in 1986: setting a world record for giant trevally, weighing 67 pounds on 30-pound tackle, shattering the existing record by over 30 pounds. In the 1990s, she expanded her horizons from Hawaii to the Fiji Islands and the US, focusing on tagging and releasing blue marlin, sailfish, and sharks. Over 50 years, Pauline participated in numerous tournaments, both as a competitor and administrator, and passionately imparted her knowledge to junior and senior anglers, emphasizing the importance of correct tagging and revival techniques, influenced by the expertise of Professor Barbara Block from Stanford University.



Peter Pakula, Australia

Peter Pakula's journey as an angler began quite literally with his first steps, catching small fish on the very day he learned to walk. With a background in textile machinery and clothing production, Peter smoothly transitioned to designing and manufacturing fishing lures. For 45 years, he has been one of the world’s only full-time game fishing lure manufacturers, sharing his innovations through articles, videos, seminars, and schools. Peter's accolades include receiving the IGFA Gil Keech Heavy Tackle Award in 2019, and induction into the Hall of Fame at the Lure and Fly Expo in 2018.

He pioneered the use of Lumo, UV, UV2, MT, and CAT additives in lures and invented iconic products such as the Sprocket, Cockroach, Beer Barrel, Rat, and Witchdoctor. Peter has contributed to Powerboat Fishing under Ron Calcutt and Bluewater Magazine under Mike Sinclair, David Granville, and Tim Simpson, making the name Pakula synonymous with excellence in game fishing.



Juan Manuel Cobar de la Hoz, Guatemala

Juan Manuel has dedicated his life to fishing and conservation. Introduced to the sport by his father during childhood, he has spent his entire life fishing for sailfish and other big game species. Since 2014, Juan Manuel has been an active participant in the fishing industry, serving as a board member of Club Nautico Guatemala, the Fishing Association of Guatemala, and the International Light Tackle Tournament Association. He has also chaired several tournaments in Guatemala. Currently, he works in the sportfishing industry as the Director of Operations for the Billfish Conservation Project and Pacific Fins Resort.