IGFA relocates and Mike Leech becomes IGFA President

By early 1992, IGFA moved from Ft. Lauderdale to Pompano Beach and E. K. Harry’s health was in marked decline and Mike Leech had assumed many of his day-to-day responsibilities. Promoted some years before to the position of IGFA’s Executive Director, Leech was by then well versed in the organization’s many nuances. While Harry’s death in June of that year was a shock both to Leech and the IGFA Trustees, the Trustees quickly convened three weeks later to take up the matter of his successor. Somewhat to Leech’s surprise, no Trustee was prepared to assume the Presidential role, so longtime Trustee George Matthews was named to replace Harry as Chairman and Leech was appointed the IGFA’s fifth President. With an agenda based on experience, Leech went quickly to work.