IGFA recognizes nylon lines, changes record categories from thread-count to breaking strength

In 1949, for the first time, the IGFA began to recognize nylon and synthetic fishing lines for world record consideration. This critical change was the abandonment for record-keeping purposes of linen line thread counts in favor of measured breaking strength to conform to the changes in game fishing. Thus, instead of the previously used 6-, 9-, 15-, 24-, 39-, and 54-thread record categories, new classifications were established for 12-lb, 20-lb, 30-lb, 50-lb, 80-lb, 130-lb, 180-lb, and all-tackle line classes. Not only did this create many new openings for world records, but it gave record opportunities to countless anglers who were unfamiliar with or disliked the high-maintenance nature of linen line. With this important change, new record applications began to accelerate.