Christian Hampl

Christian Hampl is an accomplished light tackle angler with an impressive resume of angling achievements to his credit. To date, Hampl has recorded a total of 19 IGFA Billfish Grand Slams - more than any other angler-many of which were caught on 20-pound line. Additionally, Hampl has amassed 25 IGFA World Records over his lifetime and all his line class records have been caught using 20-pound line or lighter. Christian resides in Costa Rica where he fishes primarily with his family, who he has led to a multitude of IGFA World Records aboard his boat Kamila. Among his most impressive records include a 26-lb 7-oz Pacific cubera snapper on 6-pound line, a 32-lb 2-oz mullet snapper caught on 16-pound line and a 59-lb 4-oz almaco jack caught on 6-pound line.