George Hogan Jr. and Liz Hogan 

George Hogan Jr. has 26 IGFA World Records to his name; all were caught using line no heavier than 8 pounds. Some of Hogan's notable records include a 202-pound Pacific blue marlin caught on an 8-pound line, a 141-pound Pacific blue marlin on 4-pound line, a 139-pound tarpon caught on 6-pound line, and a 132-pound striped marlin caught on 2-pound line.

Concurrently, Liz has 28 IGFA World Records for 15 different species to her credit, with the majority caught on 2, 4, 6 and 8-pound line.  Some of her notable catches include a 445-pound black marlin on 16-pound line, a 141-pound, 9-ounce tarpon on 8-pound line, a 211-pound, 10-ounce blue marlin on 12-pound line, and a 111-pound, 5-ounce striped marlin on 2-pound line.