Raleigh Werking

Raleigh Werking was one of the world’s leading authorities on light-tackle fishing. During his 25-year quest, he achieved 47 IGFA world records on 12 species of fish. All but five of his records were caught using 16-pound-test line or lighter.  Some of his most impressive records include a 141-pound Pacific sailfish on four-pound line, a 103-pound Pacific sail on two-pound and a 90-pound black drum on four-pound.

Werking's expertise on light line earned him the 2011 C. J. McElroy Award from Safari Club International as well as guest appearances and interviews in a number of saltwater fishing magazines and television shows. He was a dedicated conservationist, practicing only catch-and- release for billfish species and a leading advocate of using circle hooks to help reduce the mortality of all game fish species.