IGFA Captains and Guides
Oceania Region

John G. Paton
Captain John G. Paton specializes in fishing offshore Sydney, Australia's reef systems. With an experienced crew, he has a number of vessels available to suit any size group. He primarily targets snapper, tuna, sharks and billfish using a wide range of tackle options.
Timothy J. Dean
Australian based captain, Timothy Dean, is well known for fly fishing black marlin on the Great Barrier Reef. He offers offshore charters for other billfish species along the reef too as well as heavy and light-tackle billfishing. He operates out of multiple ports including Port Stephens, Cairns, Lizard Island, and Sydney.
Tony Steiner
Captain Tony Steiner operates a fishing charter and guide business out of Sydney, Australia and specializes in targeting southern yellowtail, bonito, meagre, seabream and more around the shores of the beautiful Sydney Harbour. Captain Steiner also offers freshwater charters, targeting common carp, Australian bass, silver perch and more.
Luke Griffiths
Captain Luke Griffiths is the head guide and operator of Renegade Fishing Charters, a premium game, sport and reef fishing charter based in the Whitsundays, Queensland, Australia. Griffiths is a born and bred Whitsunday local who loves everything that the area has to offer, especially the fishing! Renegade operates day charters, overnight and extended live aboard charters (up to 10 nights.) All IGFA members receive a 10% discount.
Bernard Vale
Captain Bernard "Bernie" Vale is a highly-experienced fishing charter operator along the North West Coast of Australia, with over 30 years of experience fishing in the area. Captain Vale operates along the Ningaloo Reef in the North of Western Australia from Coral Bay and Exmouth and to the Montebello Islands. He specializes in a variety of fishing, including trolling bluewater for billfishing, bottom fishing for grouper and popping for giant trevally and other inshore species.
Edward Lawler
Fishing waters surrounding Exmouth, a small town located in North Western Australian Coast and one of the most diverse fisheries in Australia with six species of billfish available to target, wahoo, narrowbarred mackerel, Giant Trevally and more.
Allan Bevan
Captain Allan Bevan owns and operates Shikari Charters, based out of Fremantle, Australia. Bevans is an active member of the Western Australia Fishing community who is passionate about catch care and preservation of fish stocks for future generations. As one of the pioneers of Fremantle's samson-fish jigging fishery, he was actively involved in the Department of Fisheries research into the management and monitoring of these aggregations and the establishment of protocols to ensure the fisheries' sustainability. Shikari Charters offers a variety of fishing techniques, with jigging for snapper and samsonfish being the specialty and Bevan's preferred method.
Ernest B. Maher
Captain Ernest Maher runs fishing charters throughout the Indian Ocean and specializes in targeting offshore species such as billfish, dolphinfish, tunas and wahoo.