IGFA Captains and Guides
South America Region

Matias Jalil
In San Nicolas de los Arroyos we fish for Golden Dorado and other species out of the Parana River system, the largest river in Argentina which borders Buenos Aires and Entre Rios provinces at this point. Modern and efficient Carolina Skiff style boats are utilized as they provide ideal casting platforms. All our boats are equipped with Suzuki 90 HP 4T and minnkota bow mount engines. Our fishing expeditions are strictly catch and release.
Mariano de la Rúa
Captain Mariano de la Rúa is a professional sport fishing captain that has two boats available and specializes in catch-and-release shark fishing.
Matias Pavoni
Highly acclaimed and multi-tournament winner captain Matias Pavoni offers guided fishing trips for freshwater golden dorado and trahira.
Gonzalo Castaño
Gonzalo Castaño runs fishing charters through Posada Paso Patria outfitters, located in Corrientes, Argentina. Castaño specializes in targeting golden dorado and sorubim on the Parana River.
Thiago P. Felzen
Come fish Florianópolis/SC, Brazil. Lots of blue marlin action. We also have a huge variety of fish such as white marlin, sailfish, tuna, dorado, amberjack, grouper, etc. We offer various types of vessels. Come and enjoy the Brazilian waters.
Marcel Gondonneau
Captains Marcel Gondonneau offers offshore fishing in Lobitos and Cabo Blanco, Peru. Additionally he offers trips fishing the Amazon Jungle for payara, pacu and peacock bass from July through October as well as fishing the Andes Mountains for rainbow trout fishing from April through December. Coastal fishing flounder and seabass are available all year.
Luis Rios
Captain Luis Rios offers tailor-made fishing trips in Peru. Specializing in organizing expeditions to the Amazon rainforest for a variety of species including peacock bass, payara, giant catfish species, arawana, pacu and tarpon (sabalao), arapaima and highland expeditions targeting rainbow, brown and brook trout. For saltwater species such as flounder, Peruvian rock seabass he can also design expeditions from shore or kayak. Rios offers 15% discount to IGFA members.