Albert Threadingham

Albert Threadingham has been an active IGFA Representative for over 40 years. Although fishing has always been a prominent part of Albert Threadingham's life, it was in Fiji in 1970 that he was first introduced to what has become one of his greatest passions: big-game fishing. Threadingham's fishing career and vast knowledge of the sport have led him to hold various posts in the fishing tournament industry. Today he works as the chief judge at many prominent tournaments around the globe including the renowned Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT). Threadingham's beloved wife Pauline is a partner in his success. Several tournament trophies have been named after the couple.

Albert and his wife officiate in over a dozen billfish tournaments each year, where they act as judges and promote IGFA Angling Rules and ethics.  You would be hard-pressed to find another individual that has participated in so many tournaments on behalf of the IGFA and its mission to support fair play and ethical angling.