Firth Society - $5,000 -  $9,999

Dr. Pierre Affre
Brielle Bennett
Massimo Brogna
Katie Davis
Wendy Davis
Wesley Davis
Jerry and Deborah Dunaway
Rob Kramer
Debbie Lambert
Meredith McCord
Kevin Muench
Jerry Richmond
Jack Tapscott
Steve P. Thielmann
J.P. "Gator"  Wilson Family Foundation

Clive Firth, one of Australia's top sportsmen in the 1930s and a recognized envoy of the country, was an early and ardent promoter of a standardized international game fishing code, and was a key figure in organizing The International Game Fish Association. Firth recognized that international cooperation would be essential for the development of sport fishing and pursued his vision with vigor and imagination. A donor contributing, accumulating or pledging $5,000 (pledge payable over five years) is recognized as a Firth Society member.

Firth Society members will receive a custom plaque commemorating their commitment to game fish and the sport we love. Members will also receive an engraved plaque on the IGFA Donor Society Wall located at IGFA headquarters, on the IGFA website, in the annual report and in the IGFA World Record Game Fishes book.

These generous donors are helping to plan for the future of recreational fishing and sustaining the work of the IGFA: