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Grouper, black
(Mycteroperca bonaci)
(Poey, 1860); SERRANIDAE FAMILY; also called black rockfish, marbled rockfish
Black grouper are perhaps the largest species of Mycteroperca in the Atlantic. They can be found on offshore wrecks and reefs in Bermuda, Florida, the southern Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, down to southern Brazil in the south Atlantic. Coloration in black grouper can vary, but their sides typically exhibit a rectangular pattern of dark grey blotches. The edges of the second dorsal, caudal, and anal fins are also dark black. Juveniles feed mainly on crustaceans, while adult fish prefer fish.
Like other grouper, when hooked black grouper are dogged opponents that must be turned quickly before they retreat to cover. They will take a variety of natural and artificial baits, and are considered outstanding table fare

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