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Mackerel, narrowbarred
(Scomberomorus commerson)
(Lacepede, 1800); SCOMBRIDAE FAMILY; also called tanguigue, giant mackerel, kingfish, serra, barracuta
Found in tropical and warm temperate waters of the Indian and Pacific oceans. Specimens have been found in the Red Sea and have migrated through the Suez Canal into the eastern Mediterranean.
The body of the narrowbarred mackerel is more compressed than that of the similar looking wahoo, Acanthocybium solanderi and the lateral line dips below the second dorsal fin, rather than near the middle of the first dorsal fin. There are 3 6 gill rakers on the first arch, whereas the wahoo has none. The flanks display numerous irregular, vertical, wavy bars. As the fish grows the number of stripes increase.
This pelagic and migratory species is a schooling fish but large specimens often travel alone. Its diet consists of small, pelagic schooling fishes, such as sardines and anchovies. It also feeds on flying fish which it is adept at catching even in mid flight.
The narrowbarred mackerel is a highly rated game fish that sounds often, runs hard and fast, and occasionally leaps. Fishing methods include surface or deep trolling with squid, mullet, sauries, flying fish, garfish and strip baits as well as with drone heads and other artificial lures. Live bait fishing near reefs with these and other baits is also productive. The best fishing is at dawn or dusk and at high or low slack tide.It is an important commercial species in the areas where it occurs. The flesh is of excellent quality as table fare as well as for use as whole bait, strip bait or chum

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