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(Argyrosomus spp.)
SCIAENIDAE FAMILY; also called kob, river kingfish, silver jewfish, butterfish, soapie and maigre africain.
Meagre are members of the drum family, which includes other popular sport fish such as white seabass, red drum, spotted seatrout and weakfish. There are currently nine recognized species of meagre, which are found from southern Scandinavia to South Africa in the eastern Atlantic, as well as the Mediterranean and Black seas. In the Indian and Pacific oceans they are found on the west coast of Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia, Korea and Japan. At least one species is also found in the Red Sea.
They have distinctive large, heavy scales extending onto the head and tail fin. Like all members of the drum family, they produce a drumming noise with muscles adjacent to the swim bladder. Drumming, generally associated with spawning, can be heard up to 98 feet away.
Because of their size and availability, meagre are high on the list of fish that recreational anglers dream of catching. These huge members of the Sciaenidae family (drums and croakers) are known to grow to more than 71.0 kg (156 lb) and a length of 2.3 m (7.5 ft). The fish can caught during the day, but most trophy fish are caught at about dusk on a rising to high tide. Although most anglers use conventions tackle, a fly can be just as effectively in a school of fish

Current All Tackle Record

105 lbs 13oz ( 48 kg)

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