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Peacock, blackstriped
(Cichla intermedia)
Ogilvie, 1966; CICHLIDAE FAMILY; also known as pavón real or royal pavón
The blackstripe peacock is limited to the Orinoco watershed in Venezuela south of San Fernando.
Blackstripe peacocks are characterized by an irregular black stripe which runs laterally along the full length of the midsection of the fish and is crossed intermittently by a series of six to eight fainter black oval shaped spots. This the only Cichlid that has more than three black bars.
The blackstripe peacock will rarely weigh more than 10 pounds, although 12 pound fish have been caught. As a point of interest, while the blackstripe pavon is less frequently encountered by anglers, most experienced pavón fishermen feel that pound for pound C. intermedia is the gamest of the pavónes. Like the speckled and butterfly peacocks, it is easily caught on spinning, bait-casting or fly rod tackle. And, like the other peacocks, it is a superior foodfish

Current All Tackle Record

8 lbs 8oz ( 3.86 kg)

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