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Pellona, Amazon
(Pellona castelnaeana)
Valenciennes 1847; CLUPEIDAE FAMILY; also called sardinata, apapa, yellow apapa,
This South American species occurs in the Amazon system (Iquitos on Peruvian Amazon and Ambyiacos River in Ecuador to Manáos and perhaps Pará), the Guianas (Lake Amuku area where the Amazon and Essequibo systems join in wet years). It occurs in rivers, apparently not entering the sea, although presumably tolerating at least some salinity at the Amazon mouth.
Amazon pellona or sardinata belong to the same family as sardines and the American shad. It closely resembles a giant American shad. But, growing up to 20 lb (9.1 kg), they greatly exceed the maximum expected weight of 12 lb (5.4 kg) for their North American cousin.
They are schooling fish that feed on the surface near the river banks and deep channels, often herding baitfish upon which it feeds. Amazon pellona are vigorous fighters capable of powerful sustained runs and frequent jumps. Once hooked, the fish frequently leaps four or five feet up into the air, putting on amazing aerial displays. When tired, they turn their sides to the current, which adds to their ability to resist being landed. They take a variety of baits and lures, especially on top, and present a unique challenge for the baitcasting, spinning and fly fishing enthusiasts.
Targeting this species will add greatly to the experience of anglers in South American

Current All Tackle Record

15 lbs 10oz ( 7.1 kg)

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