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(Leuciscus aspius)
(Linneaus, 1758); CYPRINDAE FAMILY. Asp are members of the carp (cyprinidae) family that are widely distributed in Europe and Asia. Unlike most of their relatives, asp are predatory and feed heavily on other fishes and are even known to prey on small aquatic birds. Found in lakes, rivers and estuaries, these fish are very popular with recreational anglers throughout their range. Believed to live more than 10 years, asp do not spawn until the age of 3-5. Some populations of asp are semi-anadromous, which means they spend most of their time in estuaries and return only to rivers to spawn. Unlike most of their cyprinid brethern that have underslung mouths and feed on the bottom, asp have a terminal mouth that allows them to target fish prey all the way to the water's surface. As such, anglers pursue them with a variety of tackle from live bait, conventional and fly.

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