Game Fish Identification Reference Guides

Samson Fish
(Seriola hippos)
(Günther, 1876); CARANGIDAE FAMILY
This member of the jack family is a deeper-bodied cousin of the amberjack and yellowtail. Just like the rest of the family, it has a reputation of a brutal fighter. Endemic to the southern half of Australia, Norfolk Island and New Zealand, the samson fish has a cult following with anglers that like a good workout when fishing. Though superficially similar in appearance to the amberjack and yellowtail, samson fish can be differentiated by their slightly deeper bodies, steeper head profile and by the extremely broad rear corner of the upper jaw. In addition, unlike amberjack and yellow tail, samson fish have a band of papillae engorged with blood surrounding the teeth in the upper and lower jaws, which can give the teeth a red appearance.