Stephan Kreupl

Stephan Kreupl has been an avid big game angler since his childhood and has traveled the world in search of the world’s premier big game species. In 2019, Kreupl became the only person to have officially recorded catching grander Atlantic blue marlin, Pacific blue marlin, and black marlin. His first grander was a 1,238-pound Pacific blue marlin that was caught off Rodrigues Island, Mauritius, in 2007 fishing with IGFA Captain Yann Colas. This fish is also the current men’s 80-pound Line Class record. Kreupl then caught a 1,150-pound Atlantic blue marlin in May 2011, fishing off Cape Verde. In October 2019, he traveled to the Great Barrier Reef where he landed a black marlin that tipped the scales at 1,032 pounds, solidifying his Grander Marlin Slam. In addition to his angling feats, Kreupl is also the founder of BluewaterFishing – an internationally renowned website dedicated to all things big game angling.