Grand Slam Clubs

The IGFA’s Grand Slam Clubs honor the outstanding accomplishment of catching a collection of different game fish species by one angler in a single day.

For purposes of the IGFA Grand Slam Clubs, catching three species in one day equals a Grand Slam, four different species equals a Super Grand Slam, and five different species equals a Fantasy Slam.

Photos of the angler with the fish and/or the contact information of the captain, guide, or witness are required for catches. To fill out a Grand Slam application please click on the application image to the left.

The IGFA differentiates those Slam & Trophy Clubs caught on fly tackle versus those caught on conventional gear. The application requires the angler to state the gear they used to achieve their slams. In order to receive distinction for a Grand or Royal Slam caught on fly tackle, all of the species must have been caught on fly tackle according to IGFA rules. Those Slam & Trophy Fish caught on fly tackle will be indicated as such in the World Record Game Fishes book going forward.


Largemouth, rock, smallmouth, striped, spotted, shoal, white, whiterock


Atlantic blue marlin, Pacific blue marlin, black marlin, white marlin, striped marlin, Atlantic sailfish, Pacific sailfish, swordfish or spearfish


Atlantic bonefish, Pacific bonefish, Atlantic snook, Pacific snook, Atlantic cubera snapper, Pacific cubera snapper, tarpon, permit, snubnose pompano, giant trevally, roosterfish, bluefin trevally, milkfish


Billfish species, dolphinfish, tuna species (Thunnus genus), wahoo


Atlantic, Chinook, sockeye, chum, pink, coho


Blacktip, blue, bull, hammerhead, mako, porbeagle, thresher, tiger, tope


Brook, brown, bull, cutthroat, golden, lake, rainbow


Bigeye, blackfin, bluefin, dogtooth, longtail, skipjack, southern bluefin, yellowfin