Heilner Society - $2,500 -  $4,999

James R. Bullock Jr.
R.R.M. Carpenter III
Edwin "Butch" Charles
William Brent Evans
Dr. Robert M. Gilliam
Robert Gothier, Jr.
In Memory of Roger Barry Green
Mikhail Kuzmin
Richard Miller III
George M. Moffett II
Angel S. Muntaner
Chad Rudd
Steve P. Thielmann
John Thorson
Frank Valuk
Chadwick E. Wagner

Explorer, writer, filmmaker and field representative in ichthyology for the American Museum of Natural History, Van Campen Heilner was a staple in the early days of the IGFA. He was a great contributor to the collective knowledge of game fish around the world, but most notably, Heilner was a devoted surf caster and a towering figure in the development of the sport. A donor contributing, accumulating or pledging $2,500 (pledge payable over one year) is recognized as a Heilner Society member.

Heilner Society members will receive a custom plaque commemorating their commitment to game fish and the sport we love. Members will also receive an engraved plaque on the IGFA Donor Society Wall located at IGFA headquarters, on the IGFA website, in the annual report and in the IGFA World Record Game Fishes book.

These generous donors are helping to plan for the future of recreational fishing and sustaining the work of the IGFA: