IGFA Captains & Guides

The IGFA has maintained its standing as the foremost authority on game fish and angling related matters with the help of our IGFA Captains & Guides. The IGFA Captains & Guides Program was developed to help connect ethical anglers and IGFA Members with likeminded professional fishing captains and guides around the world, and to help spread the IGFA’s mission and vision.

Listed below are the benefits and obligations associated with the IGFA’s Captains & Guides Program. For more information, please contact Richard Cadena, Membership Coordinator, at [email protected] or 954-924-4346.


1. Official designation and recognition as an “IGFA Captain or IGFA Guide”
2. Listing on the IGFA’s website https://igfa.org/captain/ inclusive of contact information and photo and in the
IGFA World Record Game Fishes book according to your region of the world.
3. Official IGFA Captain/Guide Membership Package including:

  • One (1) annual membership to the IGFA and all associated member benefits
  • One (1) IGFA Captain's Performance shirt
  • One (1) IGFA Trucker hat of your choice
  • Two (2) IGFA Captain/Guide decals
  • Your official IGFA Captain/Guide ID card
  • Your official IGFA Captain/Guide certificate, suitable for framing
  • Your official IGFA Captain/Guide embroidered patch

4. A Captain’s Feature on IGFA’s social media channels
5. 10 complimentary IGFA Catch Certificates for your clients' top catches
6. An exclusive 20% discount on IGFA Captain's apparel through Bluefin USA/IGFA collaboration
7. A 15% discount on scale certification performed by the IGFA, per year (maximum weight of 100 pounds).
8. Referrals from IGFA Headquarters when inquiries are received in regards to the captain’s or guide’s area
9. Authorization to use the official IGFA Captain/Guide logo to promote your business
10. Eligible to participate and be listed in the IGFA Member Discount Program
11.  Access to World Records on the IGFA website and the IGFA’s Fish Species Database.

*IGFA Captains are also eligible to receive a free year IGFA Captain’s Membership and an advertisement in the annual IGFA World Record Game Fishes book for trip donations or contributions that exceed $500 in value. For more information on donating a trip to an IGFA fundraiser and receiving advertising opportunities, please contact IGFA Corporate Giving Manager, Denise Hartman at [email protected]

  1. Complete, sign and date the IGFA Captain/Guide application form and oath
  2. Complete and pass the Captain’s open book test on IGFA Angling Rules at a score of 80% or higher.
  3. Provide a copy of your current and valid U.S.C.G. Captain’s License (if applicable), or a similar document proving that you are an active professional captain or guide
  4. After receipt of the completed Oath & Application Form and captain test, IGFA will internally review qualifications and inform applicant of their status.  IGFA, at its own discretion, has the right to deny any applicants that do not meet our criteria.

Once credentials are vetted and applicant is accepted as a potential IGFA Captain, IGFA will require up to three letters of recommendation, letters or email, verifying your ethical angling practices, ability, reputation, etc. Letters of recommendations can be from IGFA Trustees, Representatives, staff or reputable anglers or clients who have fished with you. IGFA agrees to keep strictly confidential and not disclose or share, directly or indirectly, any information pertaining to the references. (For new Captains only or IGFA Captains not previously approved).

*Once application is approved, IGFA Captains & Guides are required to pay an annual fee of $150.00 (USD).