Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School (JHFFS)

JHFFS offered free youth fly fishing seminars every other Saturday between June and August in 2022 to help introduce future anglers to the sport of fly fishing and the resources we love. Young aspiring anglers met at the onsite schoolhouse for lessons in entomology, fly selection, and fly casting. With proven curriculum to break down the complexity of fly fishing, these young anglers learned not only what to cast and how to cast but also where to cast by dissecting a river to learn where fish are holding. Education about fish identification, conservation, and stewardship are top priorities and for 2024, Youth Fly Fishing Seminars will occur every other Saturday starting June 8th – Aug 31st from 4-6pm. IGFA and JHFFS will also be working with Coombs Outdoors this year to provide a 3-day scholarship experience to get more youth in underrepresented communities engaged in the sport of fly fishing and out on the water.

Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School was founded in 2013, their mission is to make fly fishing fun and accessible to all. From beginner to expert, they captivate guests with educational fly fishing schools that inspire all generations.

To learn more about the Jackson Hole Fly Fishing School, visit jhflyfishingschool.com/.