IGFA Online Angling Modules

Available to the public at no charge, the IGFA’s Intro to Fishing module offers an immersive curriculum covering angling basics and safety, aquatic and marine biology, fish anatomy, environmental stewardship and more. The IGFA’s Intro to Fishing module is the first of several IGFA Online Angling Modules planned for release and includes the following courses presented on a fun, interactive learning platform: The Fish, The Habitat, The Basics, The Ethical Angler and The IGFA. The goal of the IGFA Online Angling Modules is to provide young and/or novice anglers with a strong foundation of angling knowledge in a comfortable, virtual setting that will give them the confidence to get out and go fishing in a responsible and ethical way.

Intro to Fishing

Designed for children and novice anglers or who identify themselves as “beginners” to the sport

Fishing Florida

Follow the IGFA through a series of virtual fishing field trips.