The Mayfly Project


The Mayfly Project is a national organization that mentors foster children through fly fishing adventures. With different chapters across the country, the St. Petersburg Chapter is the ONLY Florida chapter and warm water location. This chapter started in 2020 and mentors 6-8 kids per year. The program is a 5-outing system where mentees are introduced to fly tying, knot tying, casting, conservation, fish handling, and the joys of fly fishing.

At the end of the 5-outing program, the children (ages 10-16 years) keep everything they need to go out and try for themselves. They get a package of wading shoes, sling pack, fly box with associated flies, leaders, nippers, forceps and of course a brand new 5wt rod reel and line that was donated by Greys and special thanks to IGFA Trustee Andy Mill.

In 2023, 6 children from the Salvation Army foster housing completed the program and in 2024, 8 children are already participating!

To learn more about the St. Petersburg Project, visit here and to learn where a project is near you, visit