IGFA Representatives
Africa Region


Iain J. Nicolson
Luanda, Angola
After studying microbiology and genetics at England's Liverpool University, Iain Nicolson returned to Angola and spent 25 years operating his family business. His main passion is billfishing and competing in billfish tournaments, but he also really enjoys fishing for giant African threadfin and tarpon. Nicolson works to ensure that correctly-certified scales are always available in Luanda and Lobito, Angola. Working with The Billfish Foundation and IGFA, Nicolson has converted the billfishery from all-kill to 99 percent catch-and-release. Recently he and his brother Cam started Game Fishing Angola-- a charter business catering to traveling fishermen.


Bruno E. Tuband
Libreville, Gabon
Bruno Tuband has fished all over the globe; among his favorite destinations are Mexico, Panama, Madagascar and Guinea-Bissau. A former IGFA world record holder, he is a promoter of catch-and-release practices and often educates fellow anglers on ethical fishing practices and the importance of sustainable fishing. As a Representative he wants to help educate anglers in Gabon about IGFA's international angling rules and help promote fisheries conservation.


Johan Zietsman
Accra, Ghana
Johan Zietsman began fishing at age 5. Since 1990 he has competed in numerous professional billfish and ILLTA tournaments, becoming a Masters Invitational Tournament angler in 1998. Zietsman has caught both blue and black marlin granders and 25 marlin over 800 pounds. He has written multiple articles on blue marlin and tuna fishing for the IGFA World Record Game Fishes book. As an IGFA Representative he is committed to the promotion of the sport in Ghana and to the conservation of marine resources.


Andrew J. Nightingale
Njoro, Kenya
Avid fisherman Andrew Nightingale embarks on numerous treacherous safaris to beautiful parts of the Kenyan and Ugandan wilderness to discover new places to fish. He is very knowledgeable on IGFA rules and regulations and a strong proponent of catch-and-release. He has spent years educating others on the fundamentals of fishing-- including rods, rigs and tackle, handling, weighing and safe release of live healthy fish. Nightingale has been instrumental in IGFA's work to identify and catalogue the diverse species of freshwater fish in Africa.
Henry H. Henley
Nyeri, Kenya
Henry Henley has fished extensively in Kenya and South Africa --usually while on safari as a professional hunter. When hunting was banned in Kenya he switched to offshore charter fishing aboard his boat Tutu. Since the early 1980s, catching sailfish on fly rod has been his favorite genre. Henley's goal is to encourage ethical sporting practices such as catch-and-release and adherence to IGFA rules-- especially among the younger generation.


Frederic Camoin
Riviere Noire-Mauritius
Frederic is the operator of the No Limit, a big game fishing charter in Mauritius. Frederic who started fishing at the young age of 2, has competed in multiple fishing tournaments around the world and in 2011 was selected the top angler for the World Billfish Series (WBS) for the Pacific division. A member of the Le Morne Anglers Club, Frederic is a member of the Club's tournament organizing committee. As an IGFA Representative Frederic hopes to introduce the IGFA to local anglers and promote ethical angling practices. Frederic also plans to start educational programs for children in Mauritius, to teach future generations about the importance of conservation.


Erwin Bursik
Durban, South Africa
John M. Pledger
Randburg, South Africa
Eugene C. Kruger
Pretoria, South Africa
Eugene C. Kruger is Editor-in-Chief for All Lion (Pty) Ltd. in Johannesburg, South Africa-- the publisher of leisure fishing magazines The Bank Angler, The Bass Angler, The Carp Angler and Tight Lines. He is strictly a recreational angler targeting bass, Mozambique tilapia, sharptooth catfish and largemouth yellowfish--holding the IGFA All Tackle world record for Mozambique tilapia since 2003. Since his appointment as an IGFA Representative during the tenure of the late Elwood K. Harry, he has promoted the interests of the IGFA with emphasis on the association's freshwater section and campaigned successfully for the inclusion of the sharptooth catfish in line-class records.


Jason Alexiou
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Jason Alexiou has been lucky to turn his passion into a career by working in various charter operations along the Tanzanian coast. He serves as an officer of the Dar es Salaam Yacht Club, one of the biggest fishing/yacht clubs in Tanzania. An avid angler and conservationist, he has worked with the Ministry of Fisheries on issues of illegal fishing. He currently holds two IGFA world records.


Allan Harris
Harare, Zimbabwe
Alan Harris has served 10 years as chairman of the Central African Deep Sea Angling Society and has been on the club's committee for more than 30 years. He actively promotes catch-and-release fishing in his region.