IGFA Representatives
South America Region


Marcos Seabra
Sergipe, Brazil
Brazil dentist Dr. Marcos Seabra spends his free time guiding anglers to some of Aracaju's best fishing spots and practicing catch-and-release to promote sustainable ecotourism. Seabra is dedicated to teaching local anglers and guides that the economic value of a fish is maximized by releasing it alive and healthy.
Ezequiel T. Silva
Campinas, Brazil
Ezequiel Theodoro Da Silva is an IGFA International Committee Member from Campinas, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Da Silva was the first president of the Brazilian Sport Fisherman Society, now extinct. He was the chairman and coordinated the 7th World Recreational Fishing Conference (7WRFC) that took place in Campinas in 2014. He has published two books on fishing: Sport fisherman's commitments and skills (1999) and Extraordinary fishing stories (1999). Since he became a representative Ezequiel has been facilitating the dialog between IGFA and various Brazilian associations of fishermen and recruiting new IGFA members. He is a retired professor now working as an associate professor at the State University of Campinas. Da Silva practises catch and release, considering himself an advocate for ethical and sustainable fishing.
Ian Arthur De Sulocki
Niteroi, Brazil
Ian-Arthur De Sulocki has been a sport angler since 1989. An experienced tournament angler and writer, he has written for multiple fishing magazines since 1993 promoting catch-and-release and other ethical fishing practices. He has been a big advocate of conservation through education and has been involved in youth and guide education programs to ensure sustainable fishing practices in Brazil. Most recently he has been working with indigenous people in remote areas of Brazil to develop sustainable recreational fishing operations that make a positive economic impact.
Philip G. Greenman
Philip Greenman's love for fishing has taken him to some of the world's top fishing destinations such as Panama and Australia. Greenman is a lifetime member of the Iate Clube do Rio de Janeiro (Rio de Janeiro Yacht Club) where he serves on the board and as member of the conservation committee. He is a strong promoter of catch-and-release practices and is actively involved in billfish conservation initiatives in Brazil. The IGFA Representative's goal is to encourage anglers to adopt ethical angling practices and to promote sport fishing in Brazil.


Carlos Heinsohn
A retired lawyer, financial advisor and CFO, Carlos Heinsohn is a true conservationist promoting ethical fishing practices. He works with Colombia's Fundación Orinoquía, a non-profit organization that promotes catch-and-release fishing and the environmental sustainability of the rivers and fisheries of the Orinoco Basin. He leads the Fishing Management Project for the Bita River, advising Colombian fishing authorities on sport fishing regulations.
Pedro A. Rodriguez
Cartagena, Colombia
Pedro Rodriguez chairs the fishing committee at the Fishing Club of Cartagena in Colombia. He promotes a yearly fishing tournament for children ages 1-13 and fisheries sustainability seminars for local anglers. Since the first seminar five years ago, attendees have switched to 100 percent catch-and-release practices. Rodriguez is active in billfish satellite tagging programs and recently helped pass a resolution prohibiting the issuance of additional licenses to commercial fishing operations in Colombia's Atlantic and Pacific waters.
Martin Delgado
Martin was born in Manizales, Colombia in 1979 and has been fishing for as long as he can remember. He began fishing in rivers and lakes before venturing out to sea and falling in love with offshore fishing. He has competed in national and international fishing tournaments like the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament, and the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) along Capt. Kevin Nakamaru with whom he was able to place second on two occasions. It was during his time at the HIBT where he was first introduced to the IGFA and the IGFA Great Marlin Race (IGMR). Martin is a passionate conservationist, pairing his passion for the sport with research collaborations whenever possible.
Alejandro Linares
A pro-staffer for many fishing companies, Alejandro Linares has been a fishing guide for 18 years. He has won several tournaments and national and state championships in Colombia, Costa Rica, and Bolivia. He has earned 25 IGFA records with 16 still unbeaten. Linares has a strong YouTube following with over 3,000,000 views which he uses to promote IGFA.


Xavier Perez
Guayaquil, Ecuador
Perez was introduced to sport fishing at age five while the Canandaigua Lake with his grandfather. After moving to Ecuador he also fished with many Ecuadorian angling legends like Manuel Ignacio Gomez- Lince, Jorge "Pancho" Jurado, Emilio Bruzone, and Andres Schmidt. Perez has been part of the Salinas Yacht Club´s Board of Directors and the fishing tournament's organizing committee for over 10 years. He is a promoter of catch and release, educates anglers on the IGFA fishing rules, and often assists them with world record application submissions. One of Perez's greatest personal achievements was being a part of the organization committee of the small-fry angler tournament "Torneo de Espigon" were catch and release is promoted and encouraged. For many years now the tournament's objective is to educate young anglers about the importance of conservation of marine species.


Pascal Vaudé
Cayenne, French Guiana
Pascal is the President of Marine & Loisirs, a boating and fishing supply store in French Guiana. His love for the sport started at the early age of 6, and his passion for the ocean has led him to cross the Atlantic Ocean two times in a rowing boat. A big promoter of conservation practices, he organizes a yearly fishing tournament through his company and in collaboration with the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea (IFREMER) to catch, tag, and release goliath grouper. As an IGFA Representative, Pascal hopes to further the reach of the IGFA and to help promote French Guiana as a sport fishing destination for species such as tarpon and cubera snapper.


Steven Yatomi
Simi Valley, California, USA
Steven Yatomi has worked with remote international fishing destinations for 25 years where he has witnessed the big need to educate the local populations about conservation of natural resources. Over the past four years, Yatomi has worked with the Apoteri village in Guyana's Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo Region developing sustainable fishing eco-tourism to ensure the village's future prosperity. In 2018 he received the IGFA Conservation Award for his work in the development of sustainable fisheries.


Marcel Gondonneau
Lima, Peru
Marcel Gondonneau is the CEO of Sportfishing Peru SAC-- a fishing goods retail operation. His company is working for responsible and sustainable development of sport fishing in Peru by conducting a fishing school and hosting angling excursions to various destinations. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, Gondonneau's goal is to continue to grow and educate the recreational fishing community in his country.
Jose L. Martinez Jenssen
Lima, Peru
Mainly an avid offshore fisherman, Jose Martinez has been fishing both fresh and salt for over 40 years. Besides promoting IGFA membership and ethical angling, he is deeply involved in billfish conservation in Peruvian waters--mainly in northern Peru harbors where most marlin fishing occurs--by educating and supporting the native population. Martinez was instrumental in helping regulate and prohibit Peruvian billfish landings in 2009.
Luis Rios


Karel L. Dawson
Paramaribo, Suriname
A fisherman for more than 45 years, Karel Dawson owns Kabalebo Nature Resort, located in the uninhabited, pristine rainforest in the west of Suriname. Over the past 15 years, he has attended international travel trade shows where he actively promotes the mission and vision of the IGFA. He has promoted catch-and-release fishing extensively in Suriname. As a guide, he has helped anglers achieve multiple IGFA world records on the Kabalebo River.


Patrick Brown
Salto, Uruguay
Patrick Brown has been involved in sport fishing and conservation since 2008. Appointed as IGFA Representative in 2014, Brown strives to promote the organization's mission and vision for the future. He is engaged in tagging programs in Uruguay and Brazil, and is helping Amazon region communities to transition from commercial fishing to recreational guiding. He founded Union de Mosqueros Del Uruguay with the objective of building the conservation culture in that country's fly fishing community. Brown works ardently to motivate anglers to record their catches and learn to identify species.


Rafael A. Martinez Tovar
Rafa has been fishing for more than 40 years. Through his fishing career he has served as a former president and board member of the International Light Tackle Tournament Association (ILTTA) and as founding president of the Dominican Light Tackle Anglers Association (DLTA). A passionate conservationist, he heavily promoted the release video format at the Associacion de Pesca Deportiva del Estado Anzoátegui (APDA) in Venezuela, where he also held several fishing clinics helping promote conservation-minded fishing practices. As an IGFA Representative, Rafa's main goal is to share his knowledge and help promote ethical fishing among the regional fishing communities.
Felix Lairet
Caracas, Venezuela
Felix Lairet has had the opportunity to fish in most of the rivers of the Llanos and Amazon regions of Venezuela, along with numerous outings in Brazil and Alaska. Since 1990 he has served as IGFA Representative in Venezuela. Unfortunately, since the early 2000s the Socialist revolution in Venezuela created an environment of high insecurity that has led to a decline in sport fishing in the country.