Scale Certification

IGFA offers a scale certification service for IGFA members at a fee of $40 USD. If you are not a member please sign up here.

Please note that scales can be certified at IGFA Headquarters by appointment only. To make an appointment to have your scale certified please contact IGFA Angler Recognition Manager Zack Bellapigna at [email protected] or 954-927-2628. 

What scales can the IGFA certify?

The IGFA has the capability to certify any digital or spring scale with a weighing capacity up to 45.35-kilograms (100-pounds).

What if my scales capabilities exceed 45.35-kilograms (100-pounds)?

You can have your scale certified by any private, reputable scale certification company or by any local regional certifying body (government body, etc.). The IGFA will accept records weighed on a scale that has been calibrated by any recognized certifying organization. The certification date must be within one year of the date of catch. Please send along a copy of the scale certification with your World Record application.

What if my scale is not certified at the time of the catch?

Your scale does not need to be certified at the time of catch. You can send the scale along with your application to be certified at IGFA headquarters. You can also have the scale certified by a recognized certifying organization after the catch has been weighed, and send a copy of the calibration along with the World Record application. Please note that there is an inherent risk with proceeding this route, as the catch will not qualify for an IGFA World Record if the scale’s accuracy cannot be verified.

Do I need to have my scale certified by the IGFA if its maximum capacity does not exceed 45.35-kilograms (100-pounds)?

You do not. Providing your scale has been certified by a recognized organization and you can provide a copy of the calibration documentation, it will be accepted for the purposes of a World Record application.

Send scale/s to:

c/o World Records Coordinator
300 Gulf Stream Way, Third Floor
Dania, FL 33004

You must include: 

  • Your name;
  • Desired return address; 
  • Payment information;
  •  Any other pertinent information. 

We typically have scales certified and back in the mail within a week.

For more information

Contact IGFA Headquarters:

300 Gulf Stream Way, Third Floor
Dania Beach, Florida 33004
Phone: 954-927-2628
Email: [email protected]