Dr. Sean Tracey

Associate Professor

Associate Professor Sean Tracey's life-long passion for the ocean and angling led him to a career in fisheries biology. Over the last 20 years, he has travelled across Australia and the world fishing for, and working on, a wide range of marine species - from satellite tagging bluefin tuna at extreme northern latitudes off Norway and off southern Tasmania in Australia, to engaging with the booming recreational swordfish fishery off the temperate waters of Australia. His work with the recreational swordfish fishing fleet was an opportunity to track these amazing fish further south than ever before, and to gain the first scientific insights on their migration and behavior in these southern reaches. A passionate advocate for education, knowledge sharing and citizen science, Sean founded the highly successful Tuna Champions program, which encourages recreational fishers to use the best evidence-based fishing and handling practices for the iconic Southern Bluefin Tuna, so no fish is wasted - and to become stewards of the SBT fishery.”




Principal investigator on www.tunachampions.com.au