IGFA's camp programs are accredited by the American Camp Association. The American Camp Association is the only national accrediting body for camps of all types. Their accreditation standards focus on health, safety, and risk management, and are used as benchmarks by government entities. Accreditation provides public evidence of a camp’s commitment to the well-being of campers and staff.

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For more information about the IGFA Summer Camp please call Joanna Olczyk the Youth Angling Instructor at

(954) 924-4308 or email [email protected]

IGFA offers week-long summer camp adventures for boys and girls ages 7 - 12. Campers will learn about fishing techniques, conservation, marine biology, tying flies & jigs, and participate in fun environmental and fishing games. Field trips take the campers on a variety of fresh and salt water adventures: charter boats, pier and shore fishing, and much more.

Learn and experience even more at our Advanced Angling week designed for ages 10-14.


Multiple Child Discounts, Multiple Week Discounts, & Scholarships are also available!


June 11 -14  |  $325

While fishing may appear daunting for beginners, it doesn't have to be. Challenges such as locating fish, tying appropriate knots, selecting suitable tackle, and employing effective techniques can be overcome. Our Intro to Fishing week is designed to teach novices the fundamentals, while also expanding the knowledge of seasoned anglers. There's always room to learn more, making this camp beneficial for anglers of all levels.


June 17-21  |  $400

As a primary freshwater catch in Florida, the largemouth bass ranks among the world's most coveted gamefish. In Florida, the peacock bass has also emerged as an enjoyable game fish. Professionals dedicate their careers to pursuing these trophy contenders, employing diverse lures and jigging techniques. Campers will hone their bass fishing skills, discovering the preferred baits and techniques to trigger a response and successfully catch a lunker.


June 24-28  |  $400

Join our shark camp for an immersive adventure, where enigmatic creatures take center stage. Despite misconceptions, sharks captivate scientists and anglers. Campers explore their vital role in ocean ecosystems, unraveling mysteries around these apex predators. Targeted field trips provide enhanced opportunities to witness sharks in their natural habitat. Immerse yourself in knowledge, curiosity, and awe at our extraordinary shark camp!


July 1-5



July 8-12  |  $400

Campers will dive into the wonderful world of fishes! Proper fish identification and how to follow the rules and regulations is very important when it comes to fishing. During this week, campers will develop their personal skills toward being able to successfully recognize different species of fishes across the sunshine state utilizing hands-on tactics (catching them!), regulations exercises, fish presentations, and more!


July 15-19  |  $400

Whether it's earthworms burrowing into the soil, bread from the local bakery, or shiners from a nearby bait shop, these are all stellar baits for catching fish! Recognized by the IGFA, natural bait—living or once living—often proves to be the most effective tactic. Campers will discover the diverse array of natural baits suitable for attracting various fish species, each with its unique palate.


July 22-26  |  $400

There are many different places to go fishing. Some anglers prefer freshwater whereas others prefer fishing in saltwater. A mixture between fresh and salt is brackish water where a lot of nice game fish live as well. Campers will learn about what techniques and bait to use for fishing in all types of aquatic habitats to target different species.


July 29 - August 2  |  $400

In South Florida, our backyard is the beach—a daily retreat. Beyond the sand, surf, and sun lies a crucial ecosystem for sea turtles, shore birds, and game fish. Sargassum beds off the beach serve as vital sanctuaries for fish survival. Campers delve into the beach's intricate role, exploring an endless oasis of opportunity for discovery and understanding, venturing beyond the shoreline into a realm of exploration.


August 5-9  |  $525

Campers will enhance their skills targeting impressive game fish with lessons from Pro Staff, Captains, and IGFA Record Holders. Armed with an expanded tackle box, they'll fish alongside experts to land "The Big One." Unlike typical catch-and-release IGFA camps, this week allows campers to keep legal catches during drift boat field trips. They'll learn the art of filleting and cooking their prized catch.

What to Expect

The IGFA Fishing Summer Camp will take place at the IGFA Headquarters, right next door to the Bass Pro Shops in Dania Beach, Florida. Campers will fish every single day, unless weather conditions are unsafe.

Mondays and Tuesdays the campers will:

  • Learn how to tie fishing knots
  • Practice their casting skills
  • Learn how to properly handle and release fish
  • Create their own fishing lures
  • Set up their personal fishing rods donated by Fish Florida
  • Play theme related games

Wednesdays and Thursdays the campers will:

  • Travel, via a coach bus, to various fresh and saltwater parks like…
  • piers, freshwater docks, the Everglades, saltwater seawalls, and so much more. The field trip locations are picked to match the weekly theme.
  • Create their own art project to take home.

Fridays the campers will:

  • Go on a charter boat excursion to test their fishing skills in the open ocean.
  • Finish camp with the “Achievement Awards Ceremony”

Parents are welcome to attend this ceremony

What are Parents Saying?

“We sent our son and daughter to the camp and they both begged us to send them back for another week. They had a new ‘fish story’ each day and are both in love with the idea of becoming marine biologist. My husband and I are so happy we found this camp!”

  - Lori

“This was the perfect place for my daughter to spend her Summer! She had a great time with all the other kids and was always thrilled to tell me how many fish she caught. The field trips were all at great places and the kids always seemed to learn so much. We will definitely be back next year!”

  - Lisa

“The fishing camp experience has been transformative for my children in more ways than I could have imagined. Not only have they honed their fishing skills under the guidance of experienced mentors, but they have also developed strong bonds with fellow campers who share their passion. The camp has instilled in them a deep respect for nature and the environment, teaching them the importance of conservation and sustainability. These invaluable lessons will undoubtedly shape their character and worldview for years to come.”

  - Hila

“My daughter has not just learned how to fish and everything that an angler needs to know, she has also learned how to give back, be grateful and help younger children who also share her passion for fishing.”

  - Laura

Each camper will receive:

1-year IGFA Youth Membership, Fish Florida Tackle Box and Fishing Rod & Reel Combo, Goodie Bag, and an IGFA T-shirt