International Game Fish Association

Michel Marchandise

For more than 40 years, Michel Marchandise has traveled to some of the most remote fishing hot spots on the planet in the quest for billfish and tunas--Clipperton Island, French Polynesia, the Solomon Islands, Micronesia, New Zealand, Australia, and Central America.  his addiction has always been targeting swordfish, but his current obsession is with Nova Scotia's giant bluefin tuna.

Marchandise has employed many and varied techniques in his big-fish quest such as  bait fishing, deep-dropping, and trolling.  He recently plunged into fly fishing for salmon.

Marchandise is a lawyer but made his professional career in retail and real estate. He became familiar with the IGFA in the mid-70s through the late IGFA Belgium Representative Michel Margoulies, and 20 years later, Marchandise succeeded him.

Marchandise was a member of the Belgium Big Game Fishing Club and past President of the Big Game Fishing Club de France.


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