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NOAA Summer Update

Summer Reminder:
Help NOAA Understand the Economic Contributions of
Saltwater Recreational Fishing in the United States


As you make that visit to the tackle shop or hatch plans for your next fishing trip, take a moment to think about how important all those dollars and cents spent on fishing are to your community, the nation, and the sport as a whole.

 Fishing is among America’s oldest, most treasured pastimes.  According to a 2008 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) report, recreational saltwater anglers collectively spent $18 billion on equipment like rods, reels, and boats. These purchases rippled through the economy contributing $59 billion in benefit to the U.S. economy and supporting 385,000 American jobs.

 These impressive figures show recreational fishing is more than just an enjoyable way to spend time on the water with friends and family; it is also an important engine that drives the economies in many coastal communities.

 A lot has happened since the last national economic survey 5 years ago.  It’s time to take a fresh look at saltwater anglers’ spending habits and ensure the most current economic information gets into the hands of decision-makers at the federal and state levels.

 In 2011, NOAA is conducting a nationwide survey to document how much America’s estimated 15 million saltwater anglers spend on their sport. You may be one of the more than 73,000 anglers surveyed at random this year by mail, telephone or in-person. If you are asked to participate in the survey, please help demonstrate the importance of your sport by doing so. The information you provide will improve our understanding of saltwater fishing’s social and economic benefits to coastal communities and how environmental or regulatory changes may impact your community.

 More information about the angler expenditure survey is available at To learn what else NOAA is doing to improve the collection and reporting of recreational fishing catch and effort data, visit

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