Newly Approved Slam & Trophy Fish Clubs

To see all newly approved IGFA Slams & Trophy Fish clubs since December, 2019  please view this PDF.

Manseau’s 6 Inshore Grand Slams

Pierre Manseau returned from a trip to Cuba with not one, or two, but six new IGFA Inshore Grand Slams all caught on the fly! His first slam came in Jardines de la Reina on December 25th, followed by five more in Cayo Cruz. Pierre even managed to double slam on back to back days on January third and fourth. Congratulations to Pierre on an incredible fly fishing outing in Cuba!

Davis’ Billfish Royal Slam

Catching all nine billfish for the IGFA Billfish Royal Slam is an incredible feat for any avid angler. Most seek to complete it once, but IGFA Trustee Mark Davis just finished his 17th! He achieved his latest IGFA Billfish Royal Slam after catching a beautiful black marlin in the Great Barrier Reef back in October of 2019.  No one in the history of the IGFA has achieved more Billfish Royal Slams than Davis.


Clarke’s Trophy Dolphinfish

Rickey Lee Clarke recently caught this massive 140-centimeter dolphinfish to become the latest member of the IGFA Trophy Dolphinfish Club. Clarke was fishing with live bonito out of Tropic Star Lodge, Panama, when the trophy bull struck! Although he didn’t get an official weight, the lodge staff estimated it to be 60-70 pounds.