IGFA Regional Councils Update

Over the past four years the IGFA has established five IGFA Regional Councils throughout the world to help drive the organization’s strategy at the regional level. These Regional Councils provide an organizational structure that allows IGFA Representatives and other constituents to collaborate on relevant issues in their respective areas of the world.

IGFA Regional Councils are made up of elected IGFA Trustees, IGFA Representatives, IGFA members, IGFA Captains and members of select local recreational angling NGOs who represent the interests, fisheries, and issues affecting specific areas within the Regional Council’s purview.

Below is a summary of the activities from our five established IGFA Regional Councils over the past quarter. Should you have any questions please contact IGFA Marketing Manager, Andy Saldana at [email protected].

IGFA Central America & Caribbean Regional Council

With COVID restrictions slowly loosening up in the region, Council officers have started planning IGFA Passports to Fishing events in Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Guatemala. Additionally, Council officers stand ready to assist with the IGFA Roosterfish Research Program which will be taking place along the Pacific Coast of Mexico and Central America. To learn more about this conservation initiative and how you can get involved please contact IGFA Conservation Director, Dr. Bruce Pohlot at [email protected].

The Council also welcomed a new Council Chair, IGFA Trustee Nassim Joaquin from Mexico, as well as a new member of the Education Committee with IGFA Representative Juan Carlos Torruella joining the team.

IGFA Europe & Mediterranean Regional Council

Council officers are preparing for the 2022 IGFA European & Mediterranean Regional Meeting which will take place in Paris, France, this July. This event, graciously hosted by the Big Game Fishing Club France, has been scheduled for Friday, July 1, and Saturday, July 2.

Council Chair and IGFA Trustee Massimo Brogna is working alongside IGFA HQ to finalize the details for the inaugural IGFA Mediterranean Championship, which will take place in Sardinia, Italy, from Monday, July 4, through Saturday, July, 9 at the Yacht Club Porto Rotondo.


IGFA North America Regional Council

The Council’s Education Committee is preparing for a busy summer now that COVID restrictions are decreasing in most of the region. Specifically, the IGFA youth fishing camp that takes place each year in New Jersey thanks to the support of various Representatives in the area, will be expanding this year to reach more children.

Additionally, members of the Conservation Committee and Angler Recognition Committee have been collaborating on ways to expand the tagging locations of the IGFA Great Marlin Race in North America by identifying prominent tournament venues, specifically on the eastern coast of the US.

The Council is also hard at work trying to expand the IGFA's reach in the US Midwest by identifying potential new IGFA Representatives in that important region of the country. To nominate a potential candidate please contact IGFA Marketing Manager Andy Saldana at [email protected].

The Council would like to request the help of IGFA members from around the world to help grow the list of current nominees for all IGFA awards, including the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame, Tommy Gifford Awards, Lifetime Achievement, and IGFA Annual Awards. To learn more about these IGFA Angler Recognition awards and submit a nominee, please click here, or contact IGFA Marketing Director, Jack Vitek at [email protected].


IGFA South America Regional Council

Over the past months, Council Chair and IGFA Trustee, Juan Pablo Gozio, and other Council officers have been instrumental in assisting with the IGFA Golden Dorado Research project. IGFA constituents in Argentina, Ecuador, and Colombia, have assisted in IGFA gathering samples and intel to benefit this important conservation initiative. Learn more by clicking here.

Council officers have come together to address disturbing news from Colombia, whereas of May 2, 2022, recreational fishing was declared unconstitutional by the nation’s Constitutional Court. Conservation Committee Chair and IGFA Representative for Colombia, Pedro Rodriguez, is working with members of the recreational angling community in Colombia and throughout South America, to seek ways to correct this regrettable situation. For additional information and to get in touch with the council regarding this matter please contact IGFA Marketing Manager, Andy Saldana at [email protected].


IGFA Oceania Regional Council

Officers of the newly established Oceania Regional Council are working on developing their annual Action List. This document will outline the goals and activities for the Council for the coming year. One of the Council's primary goals is to launch a series of youth fishing events utilizing the IGFA's Passports to Fishing Kits. Logistics for these events are currently being worked on by Council officers and IGFA HQ, and a schedule of events will be shared with the IGFA's membership in the region once finalized.

Most recently, the Council has announced their first in-person meeting, which will take place in Sydney, Australia, on Friday, July 29 at the Sydney Boat Show Darling Harbour.