Newly Approved IGFA World Records

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Gallagher’s Cutthroat Trout

On March 19, 2023, Kesley Gallagher was fly fishing Pyramid Lake, Nevada, U.S., when she landed this impressive 9.75-kilogram (21-pound, 8-ounce) cutthroat trout, setting the IGFA Women’s 8-kg (16-lb) Tippet Class World Record for the species. The record cutthroat took a midge fly, and Kesley successfully landed the record fish after a brief fight. After weighing the trout on her certified scale, she safely released it. Just two days later, Kesley also landed a 5.22-kilogram (11-pound, 8-ounce) cutthroat, setting the IGFA Women’s 3-kg (6-lb) Tippet Class World Record as well.

Weston’s Alligator Gar

Art Weston, holder of multiple IGFA World Records for alligator gar, has added another incredible fish to his angling resume. On April 16, 2023, Weston was fishing the Trinity River in Texas, U.S., with IGFA Captain Kirk Kirkland when he landed this massive 113.40-kilogram (250-pound) alligator gar, setting the IGFA Men’s 37-kg (80-lb) Line Class World Record for the species. Art bested the record gar in just 25 minutes after the fish ate his cut bait, and with the help of Kirkland, they were able to successfully record the weight on a certified scale before safely releasing the fish. Congratulations, to Art on this incredible record!


Arostegui’s Rainbow Trout

Before her induction into the IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame earlier this month, Roberta Arostegui took a trip to Jurassic Lake Lodge in Argentina, where she set several IGFA World Records. This included a beautiful 7.26-kilogram (16-pound) rainbow trout, which set the IGFA Women’s 8-kg (16-lb) Line Class World Record for the species. Roberta was casting a spoon, and she successfully landed, documented, and released the fish after 10-minute fight.

Bernstein’s Mutton Snapper

On April 16, 2023, Julia Mason Bernstein (age 11) had an incredible day of fishing while fishing with Captain Dale Bittner out of Key West, Florida, U.S. In just one day, Julia set six IGFA All-Tackle Length Junior World Records, including this beautiful 56-centimeter mutton snapper. The mutton took a ballyhoo while bottom fishing and was brought to the boat after a 15-minute fight. Julia recorded the length using an official IGFA Measuring Device before safely releasing the fish. Congratulations, to Julia on her impressive day of fishing!


Simon’s Zander

On March 18, 2023, Mori Simon was fishing with IGFA Representative Paolo Pacchiarini in Lago Di Viverone, Italy, when she landed a 4.99-kilogram (11-pound) zander, setting the IGFA Women’s 6-kg (12-lb) Tippet Class World Record for the species. Simon landed this record zander after a brief fight and recorded its weight on her certified scale before safely releasing it. Mori achieved five separate IGFA Tippet Class World Records for zander on this trip!


Joseph’s Blackfin Tuna

Cheyenne Joseph was fishing off Palm Beach, Florida, U.S., on April 29, 2023, when this massive 18.14-kilogram (40-pound) blackfin tuna struck the live sardine she was using for bait. After a tough 15-minute fight, Cheyenne landed the new IGFA Women’s 24-kg (50-lb) Line Class World Record blackfin tuna, which is the heaviest blackfin ever recorded by a female angler! Additionally, Cheyenne’s catch bested the previous record which had stood for an impressive 41 years. Congratulations Cheyenne, on an incredible catch!