Scott Nichols Achieves Two Billfish Royal Slams in One Year

On September 12, 2014, angler Scott Nichols caught, tagged, and released a 200 lb swordfish to cap off his incredible quest to become the first person to achieve two Billfish Royal Slams in a single year. More than 100 anglers have achieved the prestigious Billfish Royal Slam – which requires the successful capture of nine different species of billfish in a lifetime – but Nichols is the first to double up on the required species in a given year.

Despite the immense dedication of time, effort and money over the past year, Nichols made it very clear that he was not alone in his journey. “Thank you to all my friends at the IGFA, but, as you know, an angler is only part of the team to make something like this possible. The generosity from boat owners, and the best captains and crews in the world – without their knowledge and experience, this would have never happened. They are as much a part of making history as I am. I have to recognize them all.”

During his quest, Nichols caught billfish in every ocean except the Arctic, traveling to Mexico, the Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Australia, and various locations in the USA to make his dream become a reality. The IGFA congratulates Scott Nichols for this incredible angling achievement. 

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