Habits for Habitats

This initiative will focus on cleaning and restoring game fish habitats to remind the international angling community of habits we all can change to better the health of various aquatic habitats around the world. This initiative will launch as the theme for IGFA Day 2023 and will build on the success of the IGFA’s Plastic Portraits program. Please stay tuned for updates on this initiative and for more information about changing habits to better game fish habitats, please contact IGFA Education Director Lisa Morse at [email protected].

The clean up your favorite fishing spot for the 2023 IGFA Day event is also being rolled out this year as the announcement for “Habits for Habitats.”

Issues Facing Habitats

Here are common issues facing game fish habitats and the IGFA’s suggestions for ethical angling and responsible recreation.

Ways to Get Involved

Here are actions you can take and habits you can change as an ethical angler.

Plastic Portraits Project

Portraits of game fish created from debris collected during habitat cleanups. Create your own!