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Black Marlin are Taking Over the IGMR Leaderboard

70,843 nautical miles tracked to date

In the last 11 days alone, eight tags have popped off of black marlin that were tagged during the 2014 Lizard Island, Australia IGMR to reveal that the eight fish swam a combined linear distance of 15,187 nautical miles (nm) and two tags have popped off striped marlin that were tagged during the 2014 Balboa USA IGMR and these two fish swam a total point to point distance of 2,315 nm. This combined linear distance of 17,502 nautical miles has hurtled the IGFA Great Marlin Race total miles to a whopping 98,298 nm total miles to date!

When a tag popped off an estimated grander in January that was tagged during 2014 Lizard Island, Australia IGMR, we thought the 3,046 nm linear distance the black marlin swam would be tough to beat because not only was it the farthest of the Lizard Island race, it was the second farthest distance in IGMR history! However, in the last week alone, two of the eleven tags from the  Lizard Island, Australia IGMR that popped off have stolen the second and third place spot!  Currently in second place and leading the race year is an estimated 340 kg (750 lb) black marlin that swam a point to point distance of 3,815 nm in 181 days! Just trailing behind in third place is an estimated 200 kg (441 lb) black marlin that swam a linear distance of 3,693 nm in 181 days. Peter Teakle, winner of the overall 2012-2013 race year, happens to be the sponsor of these two tags and is excited about the possibility of winning the 2015-2016 race year which will be announced on October 1, 2015. However, with 13 tags left in the race year to report, it’s still anyone’s race!