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IGMR Reaches 70,000 Milestone

70,843 nautical miles tracked to date

Four tags deployed on blue and black marlin have popped up in the last two weeks totaling a combined distance of 7,079 nautical miles (nm),  pushing the IGMR cumulative miles over the 70,000 nm benchmark!

On January 18, a tag placed on a blue marlin off of Kona, Hawaii popped up 2,124 nm away from where it was deployed, almost reaching the Marquesas! One week later, a tag popped off a black marlin 600 nm away from where it was tagged in Victoria, Seychelles. Four days later, a blue marlin tagged near the Bahamas popped up and showed that the tag not only stayed on the marlin for the full 180 day deployment period, but the blue swam 1,309 nm to the central Atlantic! A fourth tag surfaced on January 31st from a black marlin tagged in October out of Cooktown, Australia. Although the tag only stayed on the estimated grander for 109 days, the black swam a point to point distance of 3,046 nm! This is the second longest distance ever recorded in IGMR history and the marlin just took the lead for the overall 2014-2015 race year! With 30 tags still do up, the winning title is still up for grabs!

In other news, the 56th Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT) will officially be the first IGFA Great Marlin Race of the 2015-2016 race year! The tournament will take place in Kona, Hawaii, USA on August 10-14, 2015. Email IGFA Representative and HIBT tournament coordinator Bob Kurz for information on sponsoring a tag and participating in one of the most fun and popular billfishing events of the year!

Please visit the IGMR website to see results and tracks from all IGMR events and to learn about the many ways for you to get involved with this important conservation project.