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IGMR Articles

International Angler January/February/March 2015 Issue

Congratulations to sponsors Marty and Mitchell Firestein, 2013-2014 IGMR Race Year Winners


International Angler October/November/December 2014 Issue

Seven Blue Marlin Satellite Tagged in Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament


Marlin Magazine August/September 2014 Issue

New Satellite Tag Technology Provides Insight Into Marlin Behavior


International Angler July/August/September 2014 Issue

Satellite Tagging Reveals Interesting Behavior of Pacific Blue Marlin


International Angler April/May/June 2014 Issue

2013-2014 IGMR Current Race Leaders


International Angler January/February/March 2014 Issue

Congratulations to Sponsor Peter Teakle of Lizard Island, Australia


Marlin Magazine November 2013 Issue

Australia Wins 2013 IGFA Great Marlin Race


International Angler October/November/December 2013 Issue

Australia Playing a Large Part in Billfish Research


International Angler July/August/September 2013 Issue

Winner Announced for 2012 Puerto Rico IGMR Event


International Angler April/May/June 2013 Issue

2012 IGMR Tournament Winners


International Angler January/February/March 2013 Issue

Winner Announced for the 2012 IGFA Great Marlin Race


World Record Game Fishes 2012

IGFA Great Marlin Race


International Angler October/November/December 2012 Issue

Three Years of Satellite Tagging Hawaii's Marlin