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Classroom Outreach Programs 

The Classroom Outreach Program is an excellent way to bring the IGFA's Educational Programs directly to your school, local library, or community center! Choose from a plethora of programs that will engage your students from start to finish. Each one hour program will bring the excitement of marine exploration as students learn the science behind aquatic life, habitats, and ecosystems. Learn ways to become good stewards of the environment as well. All materials are included.  

Aftercare Outreach Programs

IGFA brings educational and fun hands-on programs and games right to your school during aftercare hours. Aftercare programs are available Monday through Friday, between 2pm and 6pm. Each program is forty minutes long. The IGFA Aftercare program requires a minimum of 40 students per day. Multiple programs can be done in one day to accommodate larger groups and extra-large groups may be accommodated with multiple visits.

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  Selection of IGFA Classroom Outreach Programs:  
*All aspects of IGFA's programs support FCAT and Next Generation Sunshine State Standards as well as Common Core and STEM Standards*


1 Hour Programs
$7 per student
$8 per student for Miami-Dade and
Palm Beach Counties

(Choose 1)

Amazing Adaptations: What does a seahorse, flounder, and a great white shark have in common? They're all fish! Learn about the different physical adaptations that make a fish a fish, which helps them survive in their aquatic environment. (Grades 4-12) 

Creatures of the Deep: How deep does the ocean go? What lives down there? Explore the different zones of our deep sea and discover what types of animals can be found at these depths. Learn how they survive in such extreme conditions. Using different materials provided, students will then make a sea creature of their own to take home! (Grades K-5)

FUNdamentals of Fishing: Fishing is a popular recreational sport. Learn the basics of fishing including: equipment, bait, rules and regulations, catch and release techniques, safety, and learn how to tie a proper fishing knot. Actual fishing is not included. (Grades 3-12)

Ins and Outs of Ichthyology: Ichthyology is the study of fish. What better way to study the anatomy of a fish than through a fish dissection!? Only by dissecting can you really appreciate the structural and functional role of the many organs, fins and other parts of a fish in which some resemble those found in humans. (Grades 5-12)

Otters to Orcas: Join us for an in-depth study of the adaptations allowing marine mammals to survive in the vast oceans. Students get hands-on with replica bones, claws, and teeth while rotating through different stations exploring baleen, blubber, and echolocation. (Grades 6-12)

Testing the Waters: Why is water quality so important to animals such as fish? Dive into the chemistry needed for the proper water quality to keep our fish healthy. Test the salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, nitrate, phosphate, and pH of different water samples. (Grades 5-12)

The Science of STEM: What does it mean to observe the natural world? What questions should be asked? All grade levels share their information and review the importance of collaboration in science as one of the necessary skills in research and steps in the scientific method. (Grades K-5)

Life Science (Grades K-3): Observe and describe various sea creatures found in South Florida.


Physical Science (Grades 4-5): Engage in experiments, follow them through to completion, and present the results. 

The Shark Lab: What makes a shark an apex predator? Are sharks dangerous to humans? Evaluate fact from fiction relating to our top predators of the sea. Observe and identify different physical adaptations sharks use to help them successfully survive in their aquatic environment. (Grades 5-12)

1/2 Hour Programs
$7 per student

$8 per student for Miami-Dade and
Palm Beach Counties

(Choose 2)

Enviroscape: Using the Enviroscape model, students become members of a coastal community where they learn how pollution affects the watershed. The aquifer system of South Florida naturally provides clean drinking water but if the watershed becomes polluted, what happens to our drinking water? Students discover how their everyday actions affect the quality of their environment. (Grades 3-12) 

Gyotaku: Gyotaku (guh-YO-tah-koo) is the art of making Japanese fish prints. While learning the external morphology of a fish, students flew their artistic abilities by painting, printing rubber fish, and coloring habitats. The original piece of art is theirs to take home! (Grades K-5) 

Plants: Why are plants so important? How do the benefit animals such as fish and humans? Students learn the answers while exploring the anatomy of plants including edible anatomy and the differences between a fruit and a vegetable. Activities also include instructions on how to create a classroom terrarium! (Grades 1-5) 

Touch Tank: Students get up close and personal with various types of sea creatures that inhabit South Florida's marine habitats such as seagrass beds, coral reefs, and mangroves. Students have the opportunity to gently touch organisms while learning about their biology. (Grades K-12) 

Weaving the Web: Students become their own plant or animal found in the ocean to determine what eats what by creating a classroom food web. Through witnessing how each food chain occurs, students understand: how food webs are created, how complex they can be, and the importance of each organism in maintaining the balance of the oceanic ecosystem. (Grades K-3) 

Wetlands Wonders: IGFA brings the Wetlands to your classroom so students can get up close and personal with different native plant life and wildlife! Discover what a wetland is and why it is essential to help protect wetland ecosystems such as the Everglades. (Grades 3-12) 


In-the-Field Outreach Program
$15 per student
(2 1/2 Hour)

"Reel" Fishing: Learn the basics of fishing at a local county park! Test your skills while trying to catch fish in freshwater or saltwater. IGFA provides all of the necessary equipment and bait needed. IGFA Staff will meet the school/group at the park. Fishing destination TBD. (Grades 3-12)

This program requires:

  • Minimum of 20 students, maximum 30 (if you have less than 20, you will still be charged for 20 students)
  • Students must bring a bagged lunch, hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, and poncho
  • Each student must bring their completed Hold Harmless form to participate


40 Minute Aftercare Programs
$6 per student
(Choose 1)

Creatures of the Deep (Grades K-5)
Gyotaku (Grades K-5)
Geared up for Fishing (Grades 3-5)
The Shark Lab (Grades 3-5)
Touch Tank (Grades K-5)
Weaving the Web (Grades K-3)
Wetlands Wonders (Grades K-5)

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