IGFA participates in the first IUCN global assessment of tuna and billfish species

From Feb. 15-18, 2011, marine fishery biologists from four countries (U.S., Japan, Spain, and Brazil), including IGFA Conservation Director Jason Schratwieser, met at the IGFA headquarters for an International Union for the Conservation of Nature Red List Workshop to integrate previous assessments of the threat status to 61 species of tunas and billfishes. The assessment revealed that, of the 61 known species, seven are classified in a threatened category, being at serious risk of extinction. Four species are listed as Near Threatened and nearly two-thirds have been placed in the Least Concern category.  The results of the assessment were published in an article titled “High Value and Long-Lived: Double Jeopardy for Tuna and Billfishes” in the Journal Science.