Barry M. Fitzpatrick Conservation Awards

Each year the IGFA honors outstanding achievers in conservation. The Barry M. Fitzpatrick Conservation Award is an annual award that honors an individual, or group, that has made significant contributions to game fishing conservation and its ideals as determined by the IGFA.

To make a nomination for any of the following awards, please contact IGFA headquarters at 954-927-2628 or [email protected].

2024 IGFA Conservation Award

Dr. Steven J Cooke


2023 IGFA Conservation Award

2022 IGFA Conservation Award

2021 IGFA Conservation Award

2020 IGFA Conservation Award

2019 IGFA Conservation Award

2018 IGFA Conservation Awards

2017 IGFA Conservation Awards

2016 IGFA Conservation Awards

2015 IGFA Conservation Awards

2014   IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute

Industry: King Sailfish Mounts

IGFA Representative: Dr. Ken Neill III

2013 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: United States Senator David Vitter, United States Representative Jeff Miller

Industry: National coalition for Marine Conservation

IGFA Representative: Tim Choate

2012 IGFA Conservation Award

Industry: Bonefish Tarpon Trust (BTT)

IGFA Representative: Robert Kurz

2011 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Congressman John Shadegg, His Excellency Ricardo Martinelli, President of the Republic of Panama, Center for Coastal Conservation

Industry: Shimano

IGFA Representative: Rachel Lightbourne

2010 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual - Evan Jones, Greg McIntosh

Group: Confederación Española de Pesca Marítima de Recreo Responsible, Spain

Industry – Hells Bay Boatworks

IGFA Representative – Steven Yatomi

2009 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Dick Pool

Industry: Club Nautico Guatemala and the Asociacion de Pesca Deportiva Guatemala

IGFA Representative: William Sawynok

2008 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Paxson “Packy” Offield and Minverva Saenz Smith

Group: FishBase (Drs. Daniel Pauly & Rainer Froese)

Industry: Bass Pro Shops

IGFA Representative: Brett Cleary

2007 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Dr. John Graves

Group: Coastal Conservation Association

IGFA Representative: Esteban Graupera

2006 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual - Luis Bulnes

Group: Aquatic Release Network

Industry – Federation of Fly Fishers

2005 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Gerry Leach

Group: Orri Vigfusson/North Atlantic Salmon Fund

IGFA Representative: Monty Padilla

2004 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Joseph F. Culliman, III

Group: United Anglers of Southern California

Industry: Mercury Marine

IGFA Representative: Ralph “Agie” Vicente

2003 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: George T. Hommell, Jr

Group: Jim Donofrio (Recreational Fishing Alliance)

Industry: Robert T. Healey (Viking Yachts)

2002 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual - Dr. Barbara Block

Group: International Women’s Fishing Association (IWFA),

Catskill Flyfishing Center Museum,  Country of Guatemala

IGFA Representative - Jose “Pepe” Anton

2001 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Carl Safina, Eddie Smith, Joan Vernon

Industry: Salt Water Sportsman Magazine

IGFA Representative: Jose Miguel Diaz Escrich

2000 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Frank Mather, Dr. Marcos Ostrander, George Reiger

Government: Government of Australia

Group: Puerto Rico Sportfishing Association, Whirling Disease Foundation

IGFA Representative: Pete Barrett, William Feinberg,  Jeff Merrill


1999 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Larry Dahlberg, Dr. Julian Pepperell

Group: American Sportfishing Association, The Government of Panama(President Ernesto Perez Balladares accepted the award for his country)

Industry: (AFTCO Manufacturing Company)

1998 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual - Robert A. Eakes, Peter Goadby

Group: Long Island Sound Alliance, Tsutomu Wakabayashi (Japan Game Fish Association)

Government - The Government of New Zealand

1997 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Terri Kittredge Andrews, Tom Fote, Gardner Grant, Dick Weber

Government: The Government of Venezuela

1996 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Captain Al Anderson, George Barley, Dr. Sylvia A. Earle, Scott Furman, Congressman Wayne T. Gilchrest, Stanley Meltzoff, Jack Samson


1995 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Francisco Rangel Castelazo, Albia Dugger, Marco and Tracy Ehrenberg, Will Martin, Richard S. Reagan, Karl Wickstrom

1994 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: C.M. “Rip” Cunningham, Ann Kunkel, John Rybovich, Ray Scott, Jim and Kelly Watt

1993 IGFA Conservation Award

Individual: Marsha Bierman, Capt. Bubba Carter, Elwood K. Harry, Sacha Tolstoi, Joan Wulff