International Angler November 2019

Black Marlin 

The Great Barrier Reef is flush with black marlin


Tommy Gifford Awards

The IGFA honored six legendary captains and lauded their contributions to sportfishing at the Riverside Hotel. 

Help us stop a new longline fishery on US west coast.

Longline fisheries cause needless bycatch and are unsustainable. 

Abu Dhabi International Boat Show

Abu Dhabi Boat Show Wrap Up 

an image of IGFA Representative Jan Forszpaniak

IGFA Representative Feature: Jan Forszpaniak 

History Feature

Newly Approved World Records

Newly Approved World Records

Slam & Trophy Clubs

November Slam and Trophy Clubsan image of Flynn with his trophy club dolphin

Slam & Trophy Clubs


Become A Lifetime Member 

AFTCO CEO and IGFA Trustee Bill Shedd is an IGFA Lifetime Member. Be like Bill. Become a Lifetime Member. 

How To: Replace Treble Hooks

Treble hooks can cause harm to fish and humans. Here’s how to replace them with single hooks.

Education Piece

New Products



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