Young Anglers to Watch

Young Anglers to Watch: Keep an eye on this class.

These young anglers are raking in the records.

These accomplished young anglers have over 300 IGFA World Records combined. Not bad, considering some aren’t yet in high school. Keep an eye on these young anglers who are taking the record books by storm.

Emily Rose Hanzlik

Hanzlik-24lb 3 oz grass carp
Hanzlik poses with a record-winning carp.

Emily, an avid angler, caught her first record-winning fish back in May 2017. Since then, she’s accumulated over 22 records, 19 of those records still stand today.

  • 22 records (19 current)
  • Five junior, 17 women’s Line Class
  • Six species of fish
  • One country: US
  • First record catch: 05/27/2017
  • Last record catch: 04/02/2019
  • Heaviest catch: 10.97 kg (24 lb 3 oz) grass carp

Follow Emily’s accomplishments on Instagram: @emilyhanzlikoutdoors

Lauren Noel Dunn

Lauren Dunn
Lauren (seen here with a pending bowfin world record), is a collegiate skier as well as an avid angler. 

Apparently, for some, being a collegiate athlete just isn’t enough. In addition to competing on the Saint Michaels College Ski Team, Lauren holds 18 current IGFA World Records. By the time you finish reading this, there will be more: She just added to her records collection this month.

  • 52 records (18 current)
  • Six Junior, 17 women’s line class, 29 fly rod
  • 11 species
  • Three countries: US, Canada, Mexico
  • First record catch: 08/17/2012
  • Last record catch 06/13/2018 (four pending records)
  • Heaviest catch: 8.39 kg (18 lb 8 oz) northern pike

Chloe and Jessica Hornhardt

Jessica Hornhardt and her Queenfish262
Little sister Jessica and one of her many records.
an image of Chloe Horndhardt and her Barracuda
Chloe and a record winning  ‘cuda. 

Fishing runs deep in the Hornhardt family. Chloe caught the most IGFA World Records on conventional tackle of any female in 2018.

Not to be outdone, her younger sister Jessica followed in her big sister’s footsteps and caught the most female Small fry records last year.  And, as chance would have it,the total number of records between the two means that their captain (aka dad) managed to snag the  most IGFA World Records of any captain in 2018. 

Chloe has also acquired some conservation awards along the way. Recently, she won the Grahame Williams Trophy for the most tagged and released sharks in Australia.


  • 14 records (10 current)
  • Seven Junior, seven women’s line class
  • Nine species
  • One country: Australia
  • First record catch: 01/23/2016
  • Last record catch: 05/05/2019
  • Heaviest catch: 114.8 kg (253 lb 2 oz) tiger shark


  • Total number of records: Four (4 current)
  • Four species
  • One country: Australia
  • First record catch: 4/242016
  • Date of last record catch: 1/24/2018
  • Heaviest catch: 7.52 kg (16 lb 10 oz) Trevally, golden

Follow Chloe and her sister, Jessica, on Instagram: @hornhardt_sisters_fishing

Hampl Family

The Hampl family fishing lineage is immense, and they have the records to prove it. The record-setting family has four kids in the record books. The Costa Rica-born kids (Christopher, Federico, Kamilia, and Maximilian) have been moving their way through the record books since Federico’s first record in 1999.

It’s easy to see where the kids got their talent. Mom, Sandra, has one record under her belt. Their dad, Christian, has 25 records to his name (plus one currently pending). Believe it or not, Christian’s most impressive feat doesn’t involve an IGFA record at all; there was that one time he caught 14 marlin in one day. 

Check out some photos of the family in action.


  • 25 records, 11 species, three countries
  • Heaviest fish: 30.25 kg (66 lb 11 oz) roosterfish


  • 24 records, 11 species, four countries
  • Heaviest fish: 38.95 kg (85 lb 13oz) almaco jack


  • 17 records, eight species, three countries
  • Heaviest Fish: 34.95 kg (77lb) almaco jack


  • 30 records, nine species, four countries
  • Heaviest fish: 41.1 kg (90 lb 9 oz) almaco jack

Julia Grace Ketner

Julia Ketner
Julia with a muskie, nearly as large as she is!

Julia has been raking in the records since 2011. With over 100 records to her name, she’s one of The IGFA’s most prolific anglers. 

Total number of records: 111

Total number of current records: 14

Total number of species: 26

Total number of countries: Two

Date of first record catch: 9/01/2011

Heaviest record catch: 33.11 kg (73 lb 0 oz) Marlin, white

These budding anglers have accomplished so much already and have made a significant mark on the sport. The IGFA is proud to support these ethically minded anglers, and we look forward to witnessing even more achievements in the years to come.